The loss of a loved can be a devastating and an emotionally crippling time of our lives. It’s one of the most difficult human experiences that face us.

The ability to ‘manage’ the experience of the loss of our loved one is dependent upon the individual, the nature of the support available to us at that time, and indeed the circumstances of the death (Spall and Callis,1997).

Sometimes, we are left alone to grieve as our friends and relatives may not know how to support us, and our busy lives offer us little time to sit and reflect. How many times have we heard that we ‘should be over it by now’ or ‘you need to get on with it’. Such throw away comments can make us feel somehow guilty or ashamed for not feeling how we are supposed to feel, when really what we need is someone who will truly listen, and empathise. The feeling that we can be honest and explore our inner most thoughts and emotions can be incredibly empowering.

Libertas’ counsellors offer a wealth of experience in bereavement counselling and can offer an understanding, non-judgemental, safe environment to explore your feelings.

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