Aesthetic treatments offered:

• Anti-wrinkle injections (Botox)

Anti-wrinkle injections are also known as Botox injections. It’s the UK’s most popular anti-wrinkle treatment and has safely been in use for many years. It’s great for “expression lines“, such as frown and surprise lines, and crow’s feet around the eyes. Gone are the days of a completely frozen forehead with no movement. Most people aim for a more subtle, natural look. As such, by specifically targeting problem areas, you can keep movement, whilst dramatically enhancing your appearance.

• Dermal Facial Fillers

As we age, the face loses fats and collagen. As a result, lines and folds, from the nose to the chin, may grow in length and depth. Dermal fillers are great at smoothing these areas out, adding volume and definition, to give you a more youthful and refreshed even appearance.

• Lip Fillers

Lip enhancement treatments are known as lip fillers. They are suitable for anyone with lips lacking in shape and elasticity, and who would like fuller, plumper lips. By replacing the volume and definition that ageing has taken away, lip fillers can create a balance between the upper and lower lip, remove fine lines and give you a younger, fresher face.

The Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatments are offered by Dr. Fiona Davies