Eyebrow Microblading LymmWhat is Microblading?

Eyebrow Microblading or eyebrow embroidery is the hottest new celebrity secret done by a qualified specialist browologist using a manual hand held tool rather than a machine for the natural hair look. Microblading adds semi-permanent pigment into the epidermis layer creating superfine crisp hair strokes. I specialise in ultra-realistic semi-permanent make-up to imitate natural brow hairs whether you have over plucked eyebrows or none I will work with you to achieve the perfect brow. You may also know this as Eyebrow Tattooing, Permanent Make-Up or Cosmetic Tattooing.

Micropigmentation processes deposit ink on the top layer of the dermis, resulting in the semi-permanent tattoo that lasts 1 to 2 years. This will depend on if you like the sun or sunbeds as this will fade them. Brushstrokes that mimic the appearance of real brow hair.

Who would benefit from this treatment?

People with brows that are sparse, over plucked, over shaped or none due to medical, or just dreamed of fuller brows to build your confidence.

No time in the morning to pencil and colour in, want a fuller, shapelier brow that doesn’t look fake, never having to pencil in again? Then I have something very special for you!!!

Microblading works well for individuals with sparse, miss shaped or no eyebrows. The aim is to provide natural looking brows, perfect every day and night no need to pencil or colour in, wake up, wash and wear all day, every day, you’ll be ready for anything.

Eyebrow microblading is not purely for cosmetic reasons, it’s also for people with hair loss due to medical conditions, such as alopecia  or following treatments like chemotherapy or radio therapy.

What’s Involved?


This is the first and most important stage.

We will talk about the look you want to achieve, and give recommendations. Once you are completely happy with the process and the look you want we will conduct a patch test 24/48 hours before your treatment can begin.


Using a modern state of the art microblading hand held tool, adding tiny precision hair strokes to create and mimic the natural direction of your brows. Pigment is implanted in the dermal layer of the skin. The sensation feels like scratches so numbing cream is applied before treatment begins. The semi- permanent tattoo pigment colour will look 50% darker during treatment and this will fade within 3 -4 days to reveal your perfect colour. First appointment session will generally take up to 1 hour and will leave you with perfect brows.

Top Up

Your second appointment is required 4 to 6 weeks after your first treatment and typically lasts 30 – 60 minutes. This is to ensure you are happy with the finished look/shape. Also as everyone heals differently there may be some faded or patchy areas that require more colour pigment. This is entirely normal.


Applying A & D ointment cream given to you after treatment 3 to 4 times a day for 7 days this will help the brows heal.

Avoid Sun exposure, no sun beds, tanning, excessive sweating in the gym, no make-up or anti-aging creams on the brows for 7 days, it is best to allow the brows to heal.

Do not get brows wet for 7 days, wash face generally round the eyebrow area without getting water on the treated area.

No rubbing or picking the treated area, it will feel ticklish during the first phase of recovery, it is important not to rub as you may infect the area, do not peel the dry skin or you will create patches as this will remove the pigment

Keep hair away from your brows

The healing process will take from 4 to 6 weeks depending on your healing ability, regeneration, age, immune system and lifestyle. Sometimes after microblading people can develop dry, flaky patches of skin, it is important not to rub, pick or peel off the flaky or scabbing area. Itching is absolutely normal as the skin repairs itself after a tattoo. Never rub the treated area as it can disturb the skin from the natural healing process. If the area gets wet simply dry the area with a lint free tissue.

Taking care of your new perfect brows after treatment will ensure lasting perfection for longer.

Please note due to the natural skin regeneration, after recovery brows might appear lighter than original. Individuals can develop patches, this is absolutely normal which is why we do top up or retouch to ensure the brows are perfect.