Weight Loss Hypnotherapy – Lymm

There are a few different factors involved with weight loss. In terms of eating behaviours they can be classified as:

  • unconscious eating
  • conditioned eating
  • emotional eating

These different kinds of eating create a problem for a person wishing to achieve weight loss.

There are different strategies to deal with these different types of eating behaviours that involve interrupting unconscious eating patterns, removing old programming and releasing emotional patterns. There may be all sorts of beliefs that have been formed in regard to food and weight, that need to be brought out into the open.

Of course, weight loss isn’t just about food. It’s also about energy in vs energy out, so exercise plays a role too.

Effective weight loss generally involves breaking up old learned habitual patterns, resolving uncomfortable emotions and trying out new habits which can often require a degree of lifestyle change.

There may be certain things that you know would be useful to do, but you just aren’t doing them. So, creating positive motivation may need to be addressed.

So there may be many factors involved.

My approach will start off with finding out specifically what your goals are, what you have tried so far and what has stopped you.

Change strategies involve the use of NLP and Hypnotherapy to really appeal to your unconscious to go for it!

So many people have internal conflicts that stop them from achieving what they want. If you are ready to resolve those conflicts, I’m ready to help.

Price £50 for 1 hour appointment.