Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy LymmStopping Smoking with Hypnosis – Lymm

Hypnotherapists help many smokers achieve their goal of quitting on a regular basis. It is a well known area of our work, and the results we produce are quite astounding, that’s why so many ex-smokers send their friends and family members to us. Deciding to become a smoker is not a decision people take logically. It is an emotional decision taken at at a subconscious level. Therefore any decision to stop needs to be taken at the same level. Quite simply, this is why hypnosis is such a successful way to give up smoking cigarettes. Many people considering stopping smoking feel that their true choice is being taken away from them. The secret of hypnotherapy is that is gets people to use their imagination to create a non smoking future. This often feels very positive and empowering. stopping smoking becomes the positive and definite choice.

I will use my skills in Hypnotherapy/NLP and EFT to help you achieve your desire to quit smoking. The session normally takes 2 hours in total you will leave the session feeling positive and ready for a smoke free life.

Price £200 for 2 hour appointment (recorded session)