Fears and Phobias – Hypnotherapy – Lymm


A fear is an unpleasant reaction we feel when confronted with real danger. it is an essential ‘fight or flight instinct, which makes us prepare to either run away from that danger, or stick around and fight it out.


A phobia on the other hand (while still a very strong and unpleasant reaction), is an irrational fear which has been ‘symbolically attached’ to an object, or situation, which causes little or no real danger.

There will usually be strong avoidance behaviour connected with the phobia, which will run alongside intense feelings of anxiety loss of control and panic

Sometimes, confrontation with the phobia, can even lead to fainting, but this is usually only associated with blood, injury or needle-type phobias.

These fears relate to a fear of being trapped and unable to get away .Other: such as illness, germs, choking, vomiting.

What causes phobias?

Phobias are often caused in childhood, where the child experiences a real fear, but the mind manages to detach (or repress) the feeling of terror, from the situation that caused it.

This leaves the mind with a strong fear, and nothing to attach it to. The mind doesn’t like it this way, and will therefore, symbolically attach this fear, to a real object or situation that it does know about, be it a spider, an enclosed space, a lift… whatever it may find.

Whenever the person now comes into contact with the object or situation (say, a spider), they feel the fear that the subconscious mind has associated with it. and they have a ‘phobia’.

How hypnotherapy can help with Phobias and Anxiety

Fears and phobias can cause real restrictions to your quality of life. When fears become so embedded in your subconscious mind that even rationalisation with your conscious mind is unsuccessful, you can experience feelings of being frightened and made anxious by something that other people seem to deal with normally e.g. presentations, spiders, confined spaces and crowds.
Hypnotherapy can remove all signs of fears and phobias by establishing the cause of the fear and allowing you to change the way you think and feel about the event.